We cater to the service needs of those enterprises that cannot afford the quality service expected from the top accounting firms due to budget limitations. This would ensure that all enterprises, whether big or small, would have equal access to desired quality services.

It is also our mission to help uplift the status of the accounting and auditing profession in the Philippines and the world by sharing resources to the members of the profession.

All the above will be achieved by providing HIGH QUALITY services expected from large accounting and auditing firms at the LOWEST COST possible.

BIR Programs

BIR Citizen’s Charter: In compliance with the Anti-Red Tape Act of 2007, the Bureau is implementing the BIR Citizen’s Charter on 8 identified registration-related frontline services. more

New Revenue Issuances

 Revenue Regulations No. 10-2016 amends Section 10.C. of RR No. 17-2011, which implements the early withdrawal penalty of RA No. 9505 (Personal Equity and Retirement Account [PERA] Act of 2008). more


Important Reminder

Reminder to all Taxpayers mandated to file and pay electronically. more



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