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We provide tax and legal services with the best interest of the clients in our mind.  We give our clients a peace of mind by taking a proactive approach in  tax planning, tax compliance review, business registrations and start-ups, and maximizing indeed the benefit of taxation in cases of organizational restructuring.

We ensure our clients the delivery of timely tax reporting and sound legal services.


BIR Programs

BIR Citizen’s Charter: In compliance with the Anti-Red Tape Act of 2007, the Bureau is implementing the BIR Citizen’s Charter on 8 identified registration-related frontline services. more




New Revenue Issuances

 Revenue Regulations No. 10-2016 amends Section 10.C. of RR No. 17-2011, which implements the early withdrawal penalty of RA No. 9505 (Personal Equity and Retirement Account [PERA] Act of 2008). more

Below are the …..

EFPS Filing of Annual BIR Reports  RMC No.  62-2023


Important Reminder

Reminder to all Taxpayers mandated to file and pay electronically. more

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